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Learning Concerns

Reading Difficulties

Reading difficulties may have a variety of components involving phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, and eye-tracking.

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Writing Difficulties

Writing difficulties may involve organization, conveying ideas in writing, spelling, grammar, usage, and mechanics, and/or handwriting.

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Math difficulties may involve number sense, facts, computation, problem-solving, reasoning, and procedural processing.

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language based learning disability

A language-based learning disability may involve concerns with speaking, listening, reading, and/or writing.

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specific learning disability

A specific learning disability may specify difficulties with reading, written expression, or math.

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grammar usage and mechanics

Executive function concerns include difficulty planning and organizing, getting started and sticking with a task, self-monitoring, attention, and memory.

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Welcome from our Founder

“Our mission at Wings to Soar Online Academy is to break chains of failure, inadequacy, and shame associated with dyslexia and other outside-the-box learning needs. We address the whole person, building skills and confidence to thrive and succeed in school and life, not just survive.

Whether you are looking for after school intervention, homeschooling special needs kids with an official diagnosis, just have some learning concerns, or have a child who is an outside-the-box learner and need some online homeschool curriculum options we welcome you.

Are you looking for a test for dyslexia, dyslexia treatment options, dyslexia tutoring, or schools for dyslexia or trying to find dyslexia programs that would be a good match for your situation?

Check out articles offering tips, strategies, and possible directions. If your child has a specific learning disability affecting reading, writing, spelling, or math or could benefit from cognitive skills training for improving executive function such as ADHD and memory we create online tailored interventions for each child. We also offer middle and high school online history, science, and English courses.

Our intervention specialist creates a Path to Success™ Personalized Learning Plan for each student. Get started with free Just-Right Level™ Assessments to identify your student’s specific skill gaps.”

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