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Wings to Soar’s teachers have made all the difference in Bill’s schooling… our homeschool life was very difficult before you came. It’s much easier to get Bill to desire to do his math and language arts. He’s working on writing right now without complaint. That’s a complete miracle! 

Lee T

Clayton and Shannon G,
parents of a 19 year-old boy who has Aspergers in his 7th year with WTS

Wings to Soar Online Academy addresses learners a conventional classroom can’t or won’t. If schools were represented by muffin tins – neat, orderly and uniform in their output – Wings to Soar better resembles a potter’s wheel. Wings to Soar evaluates our son’s strengths, weaknesses, capabilities, personality, and creates a holistic approach to his education. Definitely not a cookie-cutter approach to education! Wings to Soar sees our son like we do, as a masterpiece in progress!

Liz M,
mom of 9 and 15 year old

Wings to Soar supports children with learning differences to fill in any gaps in their learning in a fun way. It brought me peace of mind to know that I had a professional, who was very affordable compared with a therapist, helping me to meet their learning needs. WTS helped me fill in the gaps for my children’s education.

Karen T,
mom of 12 year old

Wings to Soar teachers are excellent at discerning specific areas of challenge for each student and both encouraging and challenging their students to greater life and academic success. My daughter’s perception of school went from completely overwhelming to “hard but possible”. Her teacher’s personal guidance and feedback were key to her willingness to attempt assignments, realize success, and grow in confidence.

Shannon W.
missionary mom of four ages 8, 10, 14, 15


“My children have progressed in their studies and have learned valuable lifelong lessons that will benefit them from the moment we started working with Wings to Soar Online Academy and their Path to Success Personalized Learning Program. I appreciate that their teachers are very quick in giving feedback and encouragement.

Donna S.
mom of three students enrolled ages 10, 13, and 16


Provides support for parents and students. Works with each student with individualized learning skills and curriculum. Helps the student and the parent to have confidence and support to succeed. Coaches each child separately and makes them feel like they matter. Works with parents financially, while providing the support and confidence needed.

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