Math Learning Disability / Dyscalculia

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Math Learning Disability / Dyscalculia

If your student has procedural-learning challenges they often also have a math learning disability or dyscalculia (which literally means difficulty with math). The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual 5 (DSM-5) lists dyscalculia as an alternate term for a specific learning disability with impairment in mathematics (diagnostic code 315.1).

Common characteristics of a math learning disability include difficulty with:

  • Counting
  • Learning number facts
  • Doing math calculations
  • Measurement
  • Telling time
  • Counting money
  • Estimating number quantities
  • Mental math
  • Problem-solving strategies

Procedural Learning

About half of dyslexics have trouble with step-by-step tasks called procedural learning. Weak memory skills are a part of procedural-learning challenges. If you have primary-school-aged students this can be especially discouraging, as nearly all skills presented at these ages require regular development of processes and memorization.

Examples of procedural learning and memorization include:

-Days of the week and month; seasons

-The alphabet

-Math facts

-All of the computational math skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions

Math Intervention Options

See the Math Intervention Strategies and Supports article for many simple tips and ideas to help your student with a math disability at home or in the classroom. If you are I interested in a math intervention class, math tutoring, an online math curriculum for intervention or as a homeschool math curriculum Wings to Soar has options for you.

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