Is your child struggling to read, spell, or write?


Is there just not enough Mom to go around in homeschooling?


Are you afraid of not covering everything you’re supposed to?


Is your child getting more and more behind?

I understand. It’s frustrating to see your child struggle. You want her to succeed – in academics and in life. And if her confidence is dropping, that’s frustrating her as well as you.

You’re not a failure as a parent, and you’re not alone. Your main priority is your child. Our main priority and passion is helping your child succeed, no matter where his skill levels are.

We work with a lot of families who have similar struggles. We start by helping you figure out where your child is to identify where the skill gaps are as well as his strengths.

We create custom-designed learning plans to back down to the level and bump up the time and intensity.

Elementary School

Are you tempted to grab an off-the-shelf program because you don’t know what to do … even though your child isn’t a grade level package? Are you finding that while traditional school didn’t work for your child, neither is trying to recreate school at home?

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Middle School/High School

Is your teen craving more independence?  Is your teen not responding as effectively to you in the teacher role? Would you love help with the record-keeping that is becoming more important at this level?

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Struggling Reader

Is your child ashamed of being so far behind? Are you afraid that your child will never catch up? Do you regularly experience tears and battles over learning to read?

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With years of teaching in both public and small, private school settings and equal time tutoring individual students with a variety of academic, mental, emotional, and behavioral issues, our Curriculum Director, Beth Ellen Nash, has researched what’s out there.

When she doesn’t find something that fits, she writes her own curriculum, piecing the best of several programs together into one comprehensive customized course for a student. Other programs offer their curriculum and try to make your student fit into it. With Wings to Soar Online Academy, we are able to offer multiple programs for a fraction of what it would cost an individual parent to put a similar package together for a customized option for each of your students.

Our kids love working in our online programs. Our moms love how easy it is to meet each of their kids right where they are. And we love helping families thrive with our whole-person approach to homeschooling.

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