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Just-Right Online Writing Intervention Level 3 Expanding Paragraphs to Essays


Does your 6th-10th grade age student’s writing have the following characteristics? 

If so, Wings to Soar Online Academy Just-Right Online Writing Intervention Level 3 online class might help!

  • Development of Ideas: Complete thoughts, but basic development (few specific details)
  • Organization: Paragraphs, expanded paragraphs; complete thoughts that show ordered thinking
  • Sentence Structure: Complete thoughts, punctuation shows understanding of basic format; some variety in sentence structure; may see attempts at compound and/or complex sentence
  • Word Choice/Usage: Personal vocabulary plus words that can be specific to the topic; will try to put in advanced words if asked
  • Conventions: Fundamental use of all conventions seen; cumulative errors distract reader
  • Style/Voice/Tone: Attempt to connect with audience through use of point-of-view, tone, writer’s voice

This Just-Right Online Writing Intervention Level 3 package includes:

  • Weekly small-group 45 minute web class with 6-10 students and instructor (28weeks) starts September 18
  • Four parent classes on the Teaching the Writing Process (weeks 1-4) 7:00 pm Tuesdays CST (recording will be available)
  • 30 minute 1-1 coaching/modeling sessions with the instructor, parent, and student  every-other-week starting in mid-October
  • Access to our Writing Scaffolds – printed frameworks we have developed to help challenged students bridge the gap between an idea-in-one’s-head to an organized writing sample.
  • Access to the powerful online writing feedback program PEG Writing™; and
  • Access to Quill


Just-Right Writing Intervention Level 3 is a weekly, small group webcam class for 6th-10th grade students working on expanding paragraph skills.

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