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Just-Right Online Writing Intervention Level 2: Paragraph Types


Does your 5th-10th grade age student’s writing have the following characteristics? 

If so, Wings to Soar Online Academy Just-Right Online Writing Intervention Level 2 class might help!

  • Development of Ideas: Stream-of-thought ideas, with some developed, and some not so much, making it difficult for the reader to follow
  • Organization: Clusters of ideas and an attempt to organize, but not fully developed paragraphs
  • Sentence Structure: Sentence fragments (may or may not be complete ideas); run-on sentences; little variety in sentences that are complete thoughts
  • Word Choice/Usage: Word choices limited to personal vocabulary (used in everyday conversation)
  • Conventions: Sporadic use of punctuation, capitalization, and basic rules of grammar are “hit-or-miss”
  • Style/Voice/Tone: Hints of style/voice/tone, but it is underdeveloped

This Just-Right Online Writing Intervention Level 2 package includes:

  • Weekly small-group 45-60 minute live web class (also recorded) with 6-10 students and instructor (28 weeks)
  • 30 minute weekly 1-1 coaching/modeling session with the instructor, parent, and student
  • Daily assignments in our learning management system; parents are expected to support their student with these unless you upgrade to having one of our coaches work on these assignments 4x/week for 45 minutes
  • Writing Scaffolds – printed frameworks we have developed to help challenged students bridge the gap between brainstorming to organized writing.
  • Access to the powerful online writing feedback program MI Write™

If you are interested in this class please fill out this writing questionnaire so we can make sure it is the right level for your student. 

Sample syllabus

This is the “pay in full” discounted price including the course registration fee. Semester payment options are also available.

We are taking enrollments for the next session which begins September 2022.

Just-Right Online Writing Intervention Level 2 is a weekly, small group webcam class for 5th-10th grade students working on paragraph skills. It also includes weekly 30 minute 1-1 sessions with your writing coach.


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