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Just-Right Online Writing Intervention Level 2: Paragraph Types


Does your 6th-10th grade age student’s writing have the following characteristics? 

If so, Wings to Soar Online Academy Just-Right Online Writing Intervention Level 2 class might help!

  • Development of Ideas: Stream-of-thought ideas, with some developed, and some not so much making it difficult for the reader to follow
  • Organization: Clusters of ideas and an attempt to organize, but not fully developed paragraphs
  • Sentence Structure: Sentence fragments (may or may not be complete ideas); run-on sentences; little variety in sentences that are complete thoughts
  • Word Choice/Usage: Word choices limited to personal vocabulary (used in everyday conversation)
  • Conventions: Sporadic use of punctuation, capitalization, and basic rules of grammar are “hit-or-miss”
  • Style/Voice/Tone: Hints of style/voice/tone, but it is underdeveloped

This Just-Right Online Writing Intervention Level 2 package includes:

  • Weekly small-group 45 minute web class with 4-6 students and instructor (14 weeks)
  • Four parent classes on the Teaching the Writing Process (weeks 1-4) 7:00 pm Tuesdays CST (recording will be available)
  • Five 30 minute 1-1 coaching/modeling session with the instructor, parent, and student (weeks 5, 7, 9,11, 13)
  • Access to our Writing Scaffolds – printed frameworks we have developed to help challenged students bridge the gap between an idea-in-one’s-head to an organized writing sample.
  • Access to the powerful online writing feedback program PEG Writing™; and
  • Access to diagnostic, student-centered online program Moby Max™ Language and Vocabulary

Just-Right Online Writing Intervention Level 2 meets either Monday 9:45-10:30 CST OR Monday 1:45-2:30 CST September 4-December 14, 2018.

September 4-14:  (Wk 1-2)

The Writing Process

  • Prewriting, Drafting, Polishing/Publishing

September 17-28 (Wk 3-4)

Sentences & Paragraph Parts

  • Sentence Variety, Topic & Clincher Sentences, Supporting Details

October 1-12 (Wk 5, 6) 

Summary and Reasons Paragraphs

October 15-26 (Wk 7, 8)

Compare/Contrast Paragraphs

October 29-November 9 (Wk 9,10) 

Example and Textual Evidence Paragraphs

November 12-16 & 26-30 (Wk 11-12) 

Narrative and Descriptive Paragraphs

NO CLASS November 19-23

Thanksgiving Break

December 3-14 (Wk 13-14) 

Opinion/Persuasive Paragraphs

Here is a link to the more detailed Just-Right Writing Intervention Level 2 course description.

Just-Right Online Writing Intervention Level 2 is a weekly, small group webcam class for 6th-10th grade students working on paragraph skills.

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