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Group Class Registration Deposit


Group class registration deposit to hold your child’s spot for the fall 2021 small group classes with Wings to Soar Online Academy. Please use this link for each class that you select  to lock in a spot for your student for fall 2021. Spaces are limited.

Options include:

  • Just-Right Writing Intervention I: Sentences to Paragraphs
  • Just-Right Writing Intervention II: Solidifying Paragraphs
  • Just-Right Writing Intervention III: Expanding Paragraphs to Essays
  • Fundamentals of Math
  • Essentials of Math
  • Earth and Space Science (Middle School and High School sections)
  • US Government, Civics, and Economics (8th-12th)
  • Middle School Social Studies

If you know you want to lock in a spot for your child in one of our writing intervention courses, but haven’t yet nailed down which course is the best fit, you may pay the $150 writing intervention registration fee here to hold that  spot. Then complete our writing questionnaire. Then submit writing samples as directed after filling out that form.

This group class registration fee is per group class and is non-refundable unless we do not feel the child is a good fit for the courses you are registering for


Group Class Registration Non-refundable Deposit $150 to hold your child’s spot for fall 2021 group classes.

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