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If you are like most of our families, you’ll want to allow our Intervention Specialist to help you create a Path to Success™ Personalized Learning Plan for each student. At Wings to Soar Online Academy, we work with you to create a customized package that includes the programs that are just right for your unique situation. If you have curriculum that is already working for a particular learning area, we respect that and don’t want you to feel you need to enroll in more than you need with us. We want to come alongside you to help you fill in the gaps of what isn’t working. We’ll work with you to create a package that works within your budget, fits your family’s situation, and meets your child’s unique learning needs.

Check out our Reading and Language Arts Programs that we use to create your child’s Path to Success Personalized Learning Plan. Explore our Middle and High School Course Offerings.

But can I afford it?

Tutoring is commonly $40-100/hour, so many families who come to us think that a personalized learning plan is completely out of their budget.

Most of our reading intervention packages range from monthly payments of $50 to $70, but we’ve done streamlined packages as low as $10 per month for families who really couldn’t afford more or that was really all their student needed.

Even a typical package for a middle or high schooler with 4 or 5 courses or our most specialized and comprehensive intervention packages range from $250-400 monthly (which is less than the cost of 2 hours of weekly tutoring). So perhaps you can afford to get the help your child needs after all!

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