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Just-Right Online Writing Intervention Level 1: Sentences to Paragraphs


Does your 4th-8th grade age student’s writing have the following characteristics? 

If so, Wings to Soar Online Academy Just-Right Online Writing Intervention Level 1 class might help!

  • Development of Ideas: Idea fragments; may be quite good, but not complete thoughts.
  • Organization: Idea fragments; may be quite good, but not in any discernible order.
  • Sentence Structure: Incomplete thoughts:  words, phrases hint at the overall idea; very limited flow of ideas.
  • Word Choice/Usage: Very limited word choice.
  • Conventions: Little or no consistent use of the above; fragmented or missing conventions.
  • Style/Voice/Tone: Insufficient writing sample(s) to tell.

This Just-Right Online Writing Intervention Level 1 package includes:

  • Weekly small-group 40 minute web class with 5-10 students and instructor (14 weeks)
  • 30 minute 1-1 coaching/modeling session with the instructor, parent, and student every-other-week starting mid-March
  • Daily assignments in our learning management system
  • Access to our Writing Scaffolds – printed frameworks we have developed to help challenged students bridge the gap between an idea-in-one’s-head to an organized writing sample.
  • Access to diagnostic, student-centered online program Moby Max™ Language and Vocabulary
  • We will mail you the required Writing Skills A workbook that will be used as part of this course. Workbook lessons are designed to start in the fall semester with the group class starting February 3, 2020.

If you are interested in this class please fill out this writing questionnaire so we can make sure it is the right level for your student. 

Just-Right Online Writing Intervention Level 1 is a weekly, small group webcam class for 4th-8th grade students working on sentence and basic paragraph skills.

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