Vocabulary Development


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Building a Strong Vocabulary

You may notice that your child’s vocabulary is smaller than others. Dyslexics often do not read as much as others and this can lead to a diminished vocabulary. One of the keys to building a strong vocabulary is to provide plenty of opportunity for students to listen to text at their level. In other words, read out loud to them. Most children enjoy being read to even if they’re proficient readers themselves. It provides great family bonding time. You can also provide other means of access to ear-reading text through audio books or computer-read text. This builds both vocabulary and background knowledge.

Working on phonics and fluency helps build eye-reading skills and should be practiced separately, but concurrently with building vocabulary and comprehension by tapping stronger ear-reading skills.

Vocabulary Development Strategies

Your student will likely benefit from targeted vocabulary work. Learning how to use vocabulary strategies to unlock new words opens up many more words. Recognizing word parts from previous studies and independently applying them to new vocabulary words is very empowering. One student shared her excitement over how many words she was able to read during her ACT exam. Although she was in 10th grade, her work in Wordly Wise 3000® was at levels four to six.

Because of the strategies taught in that program, she felt confident about her work on a college entrance

Vocabulary Development

Vocabulary Activities

Here are some suggested vocabulary activities you can do at home to help with vocabulary development.

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