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MindPrint®Cognitive Screener


Does your child seem unmotivated and disinterested when it comes to learning?

Does your child struggle with organizing and planning schoolwork?

Does your child have memory and attention issues?


There could be many factors that could be affecting your child’s reading level, memory, or attention abilities. It could be a factor of underlying auditory processing problems… or the brain not optimized for learning… or other cognitive issues.

Not being motivated or organized, inability to plan, and general inattentiveness could be a sign of underlying cognitive weaknesses. It’s not that your child is dumb; there are just gaps in their cognitive functioning. They can’t self-regulate because their brain circuitry isn’t wired properly.

Not all of us develop all the circuitry necessary to successfully accomplish every task early in life. Underlying problems don’t go away unless they’re specifically targeted.

Neuroplasticity research shows that the brain can and does change with focused effort and practice, and brain circuitry improves through challenge and stimulation. With improved brain circuitry, academic content becomes easier to learn. When a new learning challenge is encountered, the brain has the proper circuitry in place to accomplish the task. Information is retained, and students are able to build on prior knowledge. Problem-solving skills increase and confidence soars. This can give hope to those struggling with dyslexia or other learning challenges.

At Wings to Soar Online Academy, we specialize in helping your child succeed, no matter where his skill levels are. We work with a lot of families who have similar struggles. Wings to Soar starts by helping you figure out where your child is to identify where the skill gaps are as well as his strengths. Our intervention specialists create custom-designed online Path to Success™ Learning Plans to back down to their Just-Right Level™ so they can start seeing success.

Your first step is to sign up for the powerful $97 Mindprint® Cognitive Screener. The results from this assessment will inform what specific skills and cognitive issues we’re dealing with and help us find a solution that works best for your family. The Mindprint® Cognitive Screener is for ages 8 and up with at least 2nd grade reading level.

Here is what the Mindprint® Cognitive Screener tests for

By the way, everyone has some relative cognitive weakness in some area(s). We believe that everyone would benefit from strengthening their cognitive skills.

The Mindprint® Cognitive Screener assesses visual-motor speed, processing speed, attention, flexible thinking, working memory, abstract reasoning, verbal reasoning, spatial reasoning, verbal memory, and visual memory.

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