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Writing Curriculum package
(3rd – 6th grade)


If your student’s writing has these characteristics, Writing Custom package for 3rd-6th grade functional level is the appropriate choice.

  • Development of Ideas: Stream-of-thought ideas, some developed, some not so much
  • Organization: Clusters of ideas and an attempt to organize
  • Sentence Structure: Sentence fragments (may or may not be complete ideas); run-on sentences, little variety in sentences that are complete thoughts
  • Word Choice/Usage:  Word choices limited to personal vocabulary (used in everyday conversation)
  • Conventions: Sporadic use of punctuation, capitalization, basic rules of grammar are “hit-or-miss”
  • Style/Voice/Tone: Hints of style/voice/tone but it is underdeveloped
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Writing Curriculum package (Literature and Composition II)  focuses on learning the six types of paragraphs, crafting strong, varied sentences (grammar, mechanics, word choice) to support topic/conclusion sentences, expanding paragraphs to thoroughly develop ideas, introducing essay format and the formal writing process, and learning how to break down ideas to understand their importance (textual analysis.)  

Curriculum can be delivered in with varying levels of support from Wings to Soar teachers:

  • Basic Curriculum Package: Year-long curriculum is laid out in a weekly schedule so parents can add to weekly academic plans; online (writing, vocabulary, and language programs included) and print resources are included.
    Cost:  $15/month
  • Basic Curriculum Package, plus monthly feedback: Year-long curriculum is laid out in a weekly schedule so parents can add to weekly academic plans; online and print resources are included*, as are monthly feedback from our writing teacher on one piece of writing.
    Cost:  $29/month
  • Add-on weekly 1-on-1 teacher time for student/parent: Added to the curriculum package, students have 1-on 1 webcam sessions with our writing teacher to get feedback, writing skills reinforcement, and next steps.
    Cost with 30 minutes 2x/month or 15 min weekly: $49/month
    Cost with 30 minute weekly sessions: $69/month
  • Online Course: Integrated Liberal Studies
    Literature and Composition II integrated with Social Studies
    Writing and literature curriculum woven together with social studies content includes:

    • two 45 minute small group (5-9 students per group) weekly webcam classes
    • weekly 30 minute 1-1 writing and student success coaching, plus chat support
    • online curriculum for social studies, literature, writing, language, spelling, vocabulary, and one reading program

      In this intensive integrated course designed to build solid foundational writing, literature, reading, and language arts skills, students are expected to work about:
    • 45 minutes daily in Lit & Comp,
    • 45 minutes daily  in social studies assignments
    • 60 minutes daily between their language, spelling, vocabulary, and reading skills building programs

                   $159 per month (Sept-May)

With Writing cutom package students will:

  • Identify & Apply characteristics of simple, compound, complex sentences, including usage of proper grammar (parts of speech), expanded word choice (“good vs. best” words), vocabulary, punctuation, & capitalization.
  • Explain, Use & Practice the Writing Process (brainstorm, organize, draft, revise/edit, publish) with the six basic paragraph-types.
  • Recognize & Construct different types of supporting detail that best fits the paragraph type: evidence, example, illustration, facts.
  • Determine audience, purpose and choose the best format to effectively communicate.
  • Read, Discuss & Analyze literature as it applies to subjects being studied, including textual evidence to support analysis.
  • Shore up vocabulary, language, and spelling skills (reading also included with online group class option)

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