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Online Dyslexia Intervention K-2nd Reading Level (Annual)


This package is designed for online dyslexia intervention K-2nd grade reading level. It includes the following programs addressing phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, spelling, vocabulary, and language. We typically see gains of 1-2 years reading levels within the first 6 months if the student follows our recommended protocol with at least 4-5 hours weekly in their online programs. 

Reading Horizons Elevate™ (or Discovery for K-3 or older kids who enjoy a younger feel)–intensive Orton-Gillingham based phonics, plus leveled reading practice–20-25 minutes daily

Dyslexia Gold™ Fluency Builder™–10 minutes daily

Dyslexia Gold™ Spelling Tutor™–10 minutes daily, plus use our Daily Basic 5 Multisensory Practice about 5 minutes

Moby Max™ Language and Vocabulary–short instruction and practice sets to fill in skill gaps/teach core skills 10 minutes alternating days

Also, choose one from these for added practice with a lighter feel:

        Lexia™–well-rounded reading intervention targeting phonics, structural analysis, vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency 15-25 min

        Headsprout™–phonics-based lessons with controlled readers, then targeted comprehension lessons 15-20 min     

        RAZ Plus™–online, audio-supported library of leveled readers K-6th level 15-20 min

Online Dyslexia Intervention K-2nd Grade Reading Level Package includes:

  • Your package includes 12 months online access to Reading Horizons, Dyslexia Gold, Moby Max. You also get online access to one program of your choice out of Lexia, Headsprout, or RAZ Plus.
  • Weekly reports on student usage and progress in programs 
  • Quarterly more detailed report
  • Quarterly 20-30 minute coaching call with our Intervention Specialist

Additional info about the programs in the Online Dyslexia Intervention K-2nd Grade Reading package:

The core programs in this package address reading, phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, comprehension, spelling, vocabulary, and language. We recommend waiting for focused writing instruction until the student is solidly reading at a 2nd-grade level through the skills built in this package.

Reading Horizons provides intensive Orton-Gillingham based phonics instruction and practice for K-3rd-grade level phonics skills is designed specifically for online dyslexia intervention. We typically recommend 20-30 minutes daily. Reading Horizons Discovery is for K-3rd grade age students or older students who enjoy a younger, more fun feel. Reading Horizons Elevate is for older students who need K-3rd-grade skills.

Dyslexia Gold 

  • Fluency Builder provides 10 minutes of daily phonological awareness, phonics, and fluency practice. There are three levels. The beginning level focuses on word fluency. The middle level works on fluency in 2nd-4th-grade level reading. The upper level practices fluency with passages at 5th grade plus level.  
  • Spelling Tutor uses 10 minutes of daily dictation sentences and spaced repetition and review of any words missed. It is divided into 6 levels focusing on the top 1000 most common words. These words make up 90% of written English. We recommend students also use the Daily Basic 5 Multisensory Practice our intervention specialist created to practice the words they have difficulty with as identified in Spelling Tutor.

Moby Max

  • Moby Max Vocabulary allows the student to test out of words they already know so they focus only on words they have not yet mastered. The spaced repetition and review built into Moby Max Vocabulary helps students truly master the words they are working on. We recommend 1o minutes 2 days per week in the Moby Max Vocabulary alternating with the Moby Max Language
  • Moby Max Language targets filling skill gaps in grammar, usage, and mechanics. We recommend 10 minutes 3 days per week alternating with Moby Max Vocabulary. Students work on individually assigned lessons based on the skills they didn’t test out of on their placement assessment.

Importance of Choice and Fun

We also feel that students need a little choice and at least one program that is a bit more fun to boost their reading skills. So, have your student choose which of the following programs they want for that extra 15-20 minutes of reading practice as a part of their online dyslexia intervention. Your student can trial any that sound good for a week or two first before they make their choice.

Lexia Core5™ works on a little bit of all of the core reading skills: phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary. The way we recommend using it is spending 2-5 minutes in each of the 5 assigned activities each day (1 or 2 sections in the circle in each skill strand). It is designed with more of a game feel and targeted to K-5th grade age kids. Some middle school students also prefer this animated, game style.

Lexia Power Up Literacy is designed for students 6th grade and up. While it supposedly only goes up through 8th grade level skills, many adults would say they never were taught many of these skill until high school, if ever. So, I recommend at least doing the placement assessment for all 6th grade and up students. Students separately place into each of the three strands: Word Study, Grammar, and Reading Comprehension. Word Study fill fill in any K-5th phonics gaps and the move on to more advanced Greek and Latin word parts. The Grammar section lays any foundations needed on basic grammar and then moves on to more complex grammar skills. The Reading Comprehension sections guides the students in learning how to analyze a text and appreciate elements of the author’s craft, in addition to more core reading comprehension skills. It works on teaching deeper comprehension, rather than just practicing and being held accountable for comprehension. This is a total overhaul and upgrade for Lexia Strategies. 

Headsprout Early Reading™ provides focused skill instruction at the K-mid-2nd grade level. Most kids find Headsprout to be fun! We recommend doing a teaching episode one day and reading the accompanying Sprout Story the next. Beginning readers can start reading Sprout Stories start after the first five interactive teaching episodes. At that point, they have learned enough letters and a couple sight words to be able to read their first book! They build confidence as readers. They immediately apply their new skills to a colorful book that only uses skills they’ve been previously taught.

RAZ Plus™ provides an online audio-supported library of leveled books for practice. Our recommended usage is in the reading assignments to read along 1-3x with a book, then read it yourself, then answer the comprehension questions. If you have a headset, doing a practice recording provides another reason to read it again. This repeated reading for different purposes is one strategy for building fluency. The student may also choose to just listen to an additional book that is at their interest level but beyond their current reading level. These are colorful online books that are mostly 8-24 pages. Each book has gradually increasing text complexity and amount of text on each page.

We can work with you to tweak this online dyslexia intervention K-2nd grade reading package to further customize to your student. This package provides an excellent starting point.

This online dyslexia intervention K-2nd grade reading level package addresses phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, spelling, vocabulary, & language.

It includes 12 months online program access to Reading Horizons, Dyslexia Gold, and Moby Max plus choice of one of Lexia, RAZ Plus, Headsprout. We have versions of Reading Horizons and Lexia targeted to older learners at this K-2nd grade reading level.



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