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Dave Ramsey’s Foundations in Entrepreneurship for High Schoolers

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Give Your Teen the Skills They Need to Start and Run Their Own Business

Foundations in Entrepreneurship, a fully digital curriculum for high school students, gives you the resources to teach your students the skills they would need to start their own businesses. With lessons and activities on the basics of entrepreneurship, economics and finances, marketing, and business management.  Students learn important fundamentals while applying the concepts.

  • Equip your high school student with the skills and confidence they need to start and run their own business.
  • The curriculum includes lessons and activities on the basics of entrepreneurship, economics and finances, marketing, and business management.
  • Self-paced, designed as 9-week online course
  • 25 hours+ content, including one and a half hours of video instruction by the Foundations team of experts
  • Activities include topics like how to budget for business, marketing a business, and building a brand
  • Case studies to engage students in practical application of financial principles
  • Pre-and post-tests for each module plus formative assessments
  • Fully digital curriculum is works on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices (with an updated modern browser)
  • Access to the curriculum under parent supervision
  • Designed for 9th-12th grade students
  • You get access to the course through June 30, 2019

Teen aspirations for entrepreneurship


Here is a link to a PDF version of this information about this course.

This is the self-paced independent study course Foundations in Entrepreneurship for high schoolers from Dave Ramsey.

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