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Covid 19 School Closings Online Learning

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Take Charge of Your Child’s Education with Covid 19 School Closings Online Learning Package

Take Charge of Your Child’s Education: Covid 19 School Closings Online Learning package for K-8th grade students for $97 per month ($50 for each additional child in your family). 

I know we’re in an unprecedented time…. We’re experiencing situations a couple of weeks ago we would never have imagined possible.  COVID19  is affecting everything, including your child’s education.

The reality is that public schools are having to plan for students with a wide variety of access to the internet. And they likely do not have the budget to add new programs such as the ones we offer. Some districts are even closing entirely since they can’t provide equitable access for all.
Of course, as their parent you still want the best education possible for your child. And the reality is you need to keep them occupied. Preferably, they’d be not just watching movies or playing games on their iPads. You’d like them to engage with quality learning.
If you are going to have to have your child at home anyhow, you may end up deciding to more fully take charge of their education. In many states, homeschooling is a fairly easy option (laws vary by state). And doing so with our help doesn’t have to be hard. You DO need to make sure your child is doing the work. Our usage reports will help you stay on top of that. So, will parent access dashboards.
Perhaps your school comes up with a light plan that you choose to supplement. Keep your kids productively occupied with quality learning, not just mindless screen time.
If you wish to continue with Wings to Soar Online Academy for the remainder of this Covid 19 epidemic while it is unsafe for your kids to be at school, the reduced rate will be $97 per month ($50 for each additional child in your family). You may continue at this rate through the summer if that would support your child in not losing too much academic learning. This is 50% off what this package usually would cost to help you out in these difficult times.
With our Covid 19 School Closings Online Learning Package your child’s education does NOT have to be seriously impacted for the worse! Your child will use quality programs targeting the skills they need starting where they are.

Just-Right Level Academic Placement Assessments

Whether you are taking over your child’s full-time education or just supplementing, we will start with academic placement assessments. 
This allow us to start your child where they are in each academic skill area. Separate assessments for math, fact fluency, language, vocabulary, foundational reading, and reading comprehension.

Work Plan Created Just for Your Child

We will create a work plan just for your child. Your work plan will clearly lay out each subject day-by-day so you and your child know exactly what they are supposed to do.
Your first week will include the placement assessments needed so they start at their own Just-Right Level in each skill area. It will also ease them into working in their programs. We understand that this new way of doing school will take some getting used to.
Then you will have a plan that will be the same basic structure for each week thereafter. You and your child will know just what to expect. In the chaos going on around us right now that predictable structure and routine will greatly ease your child’s stress and your own.
Your child will fill skill gaps and continue to make academic progress. The schools scrambling to figure out how to meet the kids’ educational needs doesn’t have stop learning. In fact, you may find that working with Wings to Soar Online Academy in this season allows your child the rare opportunity to focus on their skill gaps, rather than trying to keep up with the class and external expectations. Wings to Soar expects each child to start where they are and make as much progress as they can forward. If your child uses our plan as directed, I’m guessing we’ll see at least 3-6 month’s gains over the next 3 months, rather than the massive learning loss that would be likely with all the chaos going on right now.

Whole-Person Well-Being

We recognize that academics are not the only important part of your child’s life. In addition to the online programs we provide, we are providing a structure for your child to track the offline activities they are doing. This will help balance time on the computer and encourage them to engage in offline activities that they might not have as much time for usually. Take advantage of this time at home to teach your child life skills. We want them to also take time to do arts and crafts, music, free form movement, or dance. Encourage reading books of their choice (or from our online audio-supported library). Have your child explore a personal passion project and count it as school time!

Get started today!

We will be using a special streamlined process for families enrolling in this special Covid 19 School Closings Online Learning Package. We know you are already overwhelmed so we will make this as easy as possible. Use this link to fill out the registration form for your child. And use the payment link on this page to pay the $97 for your first month. If you fill out the registration form for more than one student, we’ll send an invoice with a link to pay for the $50 per month for each additional student in your family.
We here at Wings to Soar Online Academy are here to support you, during this crisis and beyond.

Add-on program options:

If you need more targeted intervention for reading or math, we also offer other programs for an additional fee.
  • Math Whizz (K-8th adaptive math)
  • Edmentum’s Exact Path (math, language arts, reading)
  • HearBuilder (phonological awareness, auditory memory, sequencing, following directions)
  • Lexia Core5 (solid reading program for K-5th)
  • Lexia PowerUp Literacy (K-8th grade word study, grammar, comprehension skills for 6th+ age)
  • MindPlay Reading
  • Reading Horizons (Orton-Gillingham based K-3rd phonetic skills)
  • Dyslexia Gold’s Spelling Tutor, Fluency Builder, and/or Engaging Eyes (visual tracking and efficiency)
  • Reading Plus (comprehension, fluency, vocabulary, visual tracking/efficiency)
  • Fast ForWord (auditory processing, memory, attention, processing speed, sequencing)

Take Charge of Your Child’s Education: Covid 19 School Closings Online Learning package for K-8th grade students.

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