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Beginning Readers PreK Kindergarten 1st Grade Package (Monthly)


This beginning readers literacy package addresses phonemic awareness, phonics, and beginning reading. It also works on cognitive skills necessary for literacy such as auditory memory, sequencing, and following directions. It is designed for beginning readers preK kindergarten 1st grade reading level.

Lexia Core5™–well-rounded reading intervention targeting phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency 10-20 minutes daily

Headsprout Early Reading™–phonics-based lessons with controlled readers 10-20 minutes daily

HearBuilder™–following directions, phonological awareness, auditory memory, and sequencing 10-20 minutes daily


Beginning Readers Pre K Kindergarten 1st Grade Package includes:

  • This package provides 1 month of online access to Lexia Core5, Headsprout Early Reading, and HearBuilder.
  • Weekly reports on student usage in Lexia & Headsprout with HearBuilder reports quarterly
  • Quarterly more detailed report
  • Quarterly 20-30 minute coaching call with our Intervention Specialist

More about these

Beginning Readers Pre K Kindergarten 1st Grade online programs:

Lexia Core5™ works on all the core reading skills.

  • phonological awareness
  • phonics
  • fluency
  • comprehension
  • vocabulary.

The way we recommend using it is spending 2-5 minutes in each of the 5 assigned activities each day.  This program continues on up through 5th-grade level reading.

Headsprout Early Reading™ provides focused skill instruction at the K-mid-2nd-grade level. Most kids find Headsprout to be fun! We recommend doing a teaching episode one day and reading the Sprout Story the next day. Beginning readers can start reading Sprout Stories start after the first five interactive teaching episodes. At that point, they’ve enough letters and a couple sight words for their very first book! They build confidence as readers as they can immediately apply their new skills to a colorful book that only uses skills the program has previously taught.

HearBuilder targets four areas that are often a challenge beginning readers PreK, kindergarten, and 1st grade level, but few programs address.

  • following directions
  • phonological awareness
  • auditory memory
  • sequencing


Beginning Readers PreK Kindergarten 1st Sample Work Plan


Our monthly option offers a low-risk way to get started. Monthly is $105 or 12 months is $831. 


Beginning Readers PreK Kindergarten 1st grade level

1 month online access Lexia, Headsprout, HearBuilder, plus reports and coaching

Our monthly option offers a low-risk way to get started. We do offer an annual (12-month) full-pay option for $649 where you save $155.

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