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3rd-5th Reading Intervention Older Learners (6th+) (Monthly)


Students who use the 3rd-5th Reading Intervention Older Learners (6th+) programs as directed for at least 4 hours per week typically see 1 ½-3 years reading gains within the first school year.

3rd-5th Reading Intervention Older Learners (6th+) package includes:

  • Personalized Work Plan with online program access to:
    • Lexia Power Up Literacy
    • Dyslexia Gold
    • Moby Max
  • Anytime parent dashboard access
  • Email support as needed
  • Weekly usage reports
  • Quarterly more detailed progress reports
  • Quarterly 20-30 minute coaching call with our Intervention Specialist

More about these programs:

Dyslexia Gold includes 3 elements and you can use any or all of these that fit:

  • Fluency Builder (phonological awareness, phonics, and fluency)
  • Engaging Eyes (visual training to help the eyes better work together for reading)
  • Spelling Tutor (targets top 1000 most common words which make up 90% of written English)

Lexia Power Up Literacy is designed for 6th-grade and up students to fill in K-8th+ skills. 35-45 minutes weekly per strand, about 10-15 minutes 3-5x per week depending on placement. Students separately place into each of the three strands:

  • Word Study—fills in any K-5th phonics gaps and then moves on to more advanced Greek and Latin word parts
  • Grammar—lays foundations needed for basic grammar and then teaches more complex grammar skills
  • Reading Comprehension—teaches students deeper comprehension such as how to analyze a text and identify elements of the author’s craft

Moby Max is excellent for filling in skill gaps up through the 8th grade level. It starts with diagnostic placement assessments and then provides mini-lessons and short practice sets to fill in skill gaps/teach core skills. Use any or all of these components:

  • Moby Max Language targets filling skill gaps in grammar, usage, and mechanics. We recommend 10 minutes daily working in the individually assigned lessons based on the student’s placement assessment.
  • Moby Max Vocabulary allows the student to test out of words they already know so they focus only on words they have not yet mastered. The vocabulary work isn’t as deep as in Wordly Wise, but the spaced repetition and review built into Moby Max Vocabulary helps the student truly master the words they are working on. Some students just use the Wordly Wise for vocabulary. Moby Max Vocabulary goes up to 7th grade level.
  • Moby Max Writer’s Workshop provides mini-lessons teaching students skills to write in a variety of genres and provides mini-practice application exercises. The parent does need to provide feedback to the student on this as that is not included in this package.
  • Moby Max Reading Skills Informational and Moby Max Reading Skills Literature provide targeted mini-lessons. to build different types of comprehension skills.


3rd-5th Reading Intervention Older Learners Sample Work Plan

Pricing $76 per month or $600 for the year


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