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Path to Success™ Personalized Learning Plans

If you are like most of our families, you’ll want to allow our Intervention Specialist to help you create a Path to Success™ Personalized Learning Plan for each student. At Wings to Soar Online Academy, we work with you to create a customized package that includes the programs that are just right for your unique situation. If you have curriculum that is already working for a particular learning area, we respect that and don’t want you to feel you need to enroll in more than you need with us. We want to come alongside you to help you fill in the gaps of what isn’t working. We’ll work with you to create a package that works within your budget, fits your family’s situation, and meets your child’s unique learning needs.

Our specialty is our Path to Success™ Personalized Reading and Language Arts Learning Plans. See below for our most popular Reading and Language Arts Packages we will tweak from to create your child’s own Path to Success ™ Personalized Learning Plan.

We also offer self-paced video-based courses for all academic areas at the K-12th grade level, plus electives, foreign language, and career and technical education.

At the 5th-12th grade level, we also offer teacher-led small-group (6-10 students per group) webcam classes for writing intervention, as well as Life Science and Biology small group courses for fall 2019. For those who have done at least a year in our writing intervention, we also offer our Integrated Liberal Studies courses that weave together social studies, literature, composition, and study skills to take their skills to the next level.

But can I afford it?

Tutoring is commonly $40-100/hour, so many families who come to us think a personalized learning plan is completely out of their budget.

Most of our reading intervention packages range from monthly payments of $65 to $100, but we’ve done streamlined packages as low as $12 per month for families who really couldn’t afford more or that was really all their student needed.

Your commitment can be as little as month-to-month. Or you can choose cost savings with a 4-12 month full-payment up front. We offer a multi-child discount, full-time Christian ministry discounts, and a multiple special needs adoptions discount.

Even our full-enrollment or intensive intervention options are comparable to the cost of two hours of weekly tutoring:

So perhaps you can afford to get the help your child needs after all!

With our FREE Just-Right Level™ Assessments there is NO RISK to taking the first step!

If you haven’t already requested your free Just-Right Level™ Assessments, get started there.

We’ll email your child’s own Path to Success™ Learning Guide, with a personalized set of recommendations of programs that might be a good fit for your child’s specific learning concern profile based on the results.

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Our Most Popular Online Curriculum Packages

While we excel at working closely with our families to create Path to Success™ Personalized Learning Plans and packages for them, some families prefer to just choose from our most popular packages we’ve featured below. These packages often meet many  families’ needs and are our most popular. While we will happily consult with you to find the best personalized learning plan for your child based on the results of their Just-Right Level™ assessments, if you are ready to get started right away,  purchase one of these pre-packaged plans. And we’re all about customizing and personalizing learning so if we need to make tweaks to the package you choose, we’ll work with you to get just the right fit for your child.

Popular Reading and Language Arts Packages

Here are our most popular Reading and Language Arts Packages. If you are eager to get started, you can purchase your first month with these links.  We can tweak from these starter packages to create your child’s own Path to Success™ Personalized Learning Plan. 

Pre K-3rd Grade Level

4th-5th Grade Level by Age

6th-12th Grade Level by Age

All Most Popular Curriculum Packages

Purchase Additional Resources

In addition to our online curriculum, we also offer many print books to support parents raising outside-the-box learners. We offer a few workbook style curriculum that do a particularly good job for meeting specific needs.  We also offer audios of many of the workshops our Intervention Specialist has presented at homeschool conventions. If there are books or curriculum you do not see listed that you are interested in, please use our Contact Form to request a custom quote for the books you are interested in as our suppliers have thousands of titles that we do not have listed here that we can often get for you in 1-3 weeks time.

All Additional Resources

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